The Innovative Mediation  approach achieves three simple goals for you

  • Stop spending time and money on unproductive conflicts and invest in your business and personal priorities
  • Change the conversation from winner take all to best result possible
  • Promote continued family, business and community ties 


Our Approach Fuses Three Elements

  1. Expertise to unravel the complex challenges of business, real estate or family wealth management conflicts
  2. Strategy that focuses on underlying objectives and future needs to create an optimal outcome for all participants
  3. Resources provide a comfortable environment conducive to successful deliberations and utilize Internet tools and communication technologies to create an easy process accessible by all participants


At Innovative Mediation, we are committed to providing our clients the best possible experience during challenging circumstances.  You can expect us to demonstrate:

  • Integrity  We commit to honesty and transparency in our dealings
  • Respect – We value and appreciate the contributions and efforts of each person
  • Fairness – We maintain strict neutrality and attempt to address the needs of all parties
  • Expertise – We study the pertinent information and take only cases within our professional concentration

Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress.

Mahatma Gandhi


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