How It Works

1. To get the process started, either:

-Complete and submit your contact information and a brief explanation of the dispute on the Contact page or
-Email us with your name, concern and contact number
-Or, call us at 707-942-6755

We will respond to you and answer any questions you have about the process and your dispute.  All of our communications are confidential and do not commit you to proceed with mediation.

2. When you are prepared to go forward, Innovative Mediation presents the mediation opportunity to the other side.  If all parties are willing to proceed, an Agreement to Mediate is signed by everyone.  The Agreement to Mediate will bind all participants to good faith mediation and sets out payment terms and other important procedural information.

3. Once all parties have been contacted and agree to mediate, Innovative Mediation will provide each party access to a secure and private portal and a Mediation Resource Package that contains the information and documents you need to begin.

4.  The mediator contacts the participants to learn about the conflict, history of any negotiations or proceedings, and their availability.  The mediator proposes a structure and timeline for the mediation based on the pre-mediation interviews and availability of participants.

5. Pre-mediation work can include mediator interviews with the participants regarding goals, priorities, needs and expectations; collection of information about the dispute; and review of relevant documents and legal issues. 

6. Following the pre-mediation work, the mediation session is scheduled.  It may include joint sessions with all parties, private sessions, brainstorming, consideration of proposed best and worst case scenarios, progress reports, and evaluation of proposals. The process is fluid and allows for creativity and flexibility toward reaching a fair and sustainable negotiated settlement or resolution.  Your particular circumstances will determine the structure of the mediation session.

7. Once consensus is reached among the parties, a binding contract is signed that identifies the terms of agreement. The mediator may follow up to ensure that the resolution is successfully implemented.

It always seems impossible until it's done.

Nelson Mandela


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