In-Person Mediation 

Sometimes there is no substitute for having people sit across the table from each other.  Uninterrupted dedicated time creates the energy needed to confront and overcome serious differences.  The need for closure may be the only issue everyone agrees on; we use this to trigger progress on the substantive issues.  Our In-person mediation package offers the following services:

  • Soliciting the acceptance to mediate and securing a binding Agreement to Mediate and Confidentiality Agreement from all parties
  • Resource Package with documents and checklists necessary for a successful mediation
  • Review of history of the conflict and statement of positions
  • Pre-mediation telephone or video conference with each side
  • Dedicated use of the private and comfortable Innovative Mediation suite during mediation sessions
  • Access to the mediator during the entire mediation process
  • The secure online portal is available to the parties to submit mediation documents and information to the mediator


Our offices are located in beautiful St. Helena, California near world-famous restaurants, lodging, spas, wineries, and outdoor recreation.