Online Mediation 

Using video conferencing and secure Internet access, Innovative Mediation provides an opportunity for mediation from your office or home. Any party with a computer and Internet access can participate – no matter where you are located. Our Online Mediation packages provide the following services:

  • Soliciting the acceptance to mediate and securing a binding Agreement to Mediate and Confidentiality Agreement from all parties
  • Resource Package with documents and checklists necessary for a successful mediation
  • Review of history of the conflict and statement of positions
  • Online pre-mediation meeting with each side
  • Online video conference sessions with all parties at mutually agreed times
  • Private online sessions with each side during prescheduled timeslots over a period of two to three days as necessary
  • Use of a secure online portal to submit documents and formal settlement proposals


Online Mediation offers an advantage to traditional mediation by streamlining the pre-mediation process, minimizing the expense of waiting time required of legal counsel and structured pre-set sessions.